Instant Accomplice- Husbands Smash Cars Prank

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20 thoughts on “Instant Accomplice- Husbands Smash Cars Prank”

  1. Simon Anderson says:

    Their expressions where priceless

  2. Oli Jackson says:

    I love Instant Accomplice pranks!

  3. Horza Redfield says:

    I wonder if YouTube ad income will cover production cost.

  4. Shah Auckburaully says:


  5. John Smith says:

    How the hell did they not hear them explaining the prank? They were like
    two feet away.

  6. Frederick Jones says:
  7. OperationNeko says:

    More Instant Accomplice Pranks! :D

  8. ZZzzzzzWhat says:

    these Instant Accomplices are better actors than some hollywood actors *coff
    coff Ben affleck*

  9. Subhav Sharma says:

    Kids in Africa could have eaten all those smashed cars.

  10. Dark Time says:

    You guys have to do more of these Instant Accomplice Pranks

  11. Andre Gema says:

    You monsters, children in Africa could’ve eaten those cars

  12. James Nathaniel Carlos says:

    I’m at a time when the sun dies

  13. themreerste says:

    So crazy to pull pranks by using partner haha

  14. NoNo DaEnie says:

    Do more Accomplice pranks! they’re the best!

  15. shernabravo1 says:


  16. pylbetajv says:

    awww yisss some more instant accomplice

  17. holyinfantry999 says:

    I really dont like videos with no thumbnails, it’s like having second
    thoughts if the video is playable or not.

  18. maharg semirg says:

    Haha how could dis not put a smile on ur face

  19. 1multikentish says:

    im watching JFL after such a long time…i love these accomplice pranks!!

  20. MrZer000 says:

    2:18 Look, the redhead is rubbing his belly…

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