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20 thoughts on “OMG IT’S SO F**KING CRAZY HERE!!!”

  1. Jeff N. says:

    That was great hockey game :)

  2. Mike Rowland says:

    Hey at least u didnt lose 10-0 to Canada like Germany did. Lol Canada is
    just the best and are gunna win Gold this year. 

  3. MartinS Cz says:

    I have a cat in the apartment never issued an
    You made it just because I wanted it to Dominica?

  4. Tim Wengorz says:

    dont play to mutch

  5. Steve27775 says:

    I love the sound of cats purring, means they’re completely chilled out and

  6. Filip Havíř says:

    proc ji nerikate jen PRANKIE? at se nauci jen na jedno jmeno :-)

  7. CANADIAN GAM3R says:

    love watching your vlogs, but I’m for team Canada sorry :)

  8. Haitham Benjebbour says:

    Cutie cat !!

  9. RIS tech says:

    its like zombie walk

  10. Matty Cakes says:

    Hi People! Have a great day and SMILE MORE

  11. Mitchell Aryies says:

    When your cat is making that sound near the start. It means the cat likes
    who he/she is sitting on and may fall asleep

  12. ViralBrothers VLOGS says:

    Hello my friends MY NEW VLOG IS HERE! It was wonderful game that day! Thank
    you so much for watching and don’t forget to BE HAPPY HAPPY!!! :-) Erik

  13. Mohnad Sarmad says:

    u r amazing , and i am happy happy hehehehe :D

  14. Andrew McDonnell says:

    When he goes brrrr he is purring. It’s ok that’s a good sign. It means it’s

  15. DorokonBiker JECOOL says:

    To bylo proti tem zasranym kanadanum?

  16. Mike Videos says:

    when cats are happy they do that sound, so when he is doing that he is

  17. Jct leo says:

    check my channel out

  18. Tomáš Holík says:

    co to bylo za rasu té krásné kočky?

  19. Kisoszi Pressent says:

    Oo you gona have a very hot day because we melting in slovakia 😀 

  20. Kristina Aizenberg says:

    It seems your kitty likes Neo as his name. ;)

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